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Shi Ming Pang
Kwun On Lam
Po Cheong Lau
Ka Wai Pang

About A Drop of Life

A Drop of Life is a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong. We follow the mandate: Passing our love and working for love. We believe that safe drinking-water is a common good. This is a basic human right that everyone should have. We aim to ensure the access to water and sanitation a reality for everyone. Since 1998, we have been building rain-saving water cellars and reservoirs in arid areas of China, organizing relief efforts for natural disaster victims and improving poverty situations. Moving forward we will extend our service and expertise to those in need in Nepal and Cambodia. Up to today, over 820,000 people were benefited from our various charitable programs and activities.

20 Donors
  • $ 2900
  • raised of : $2400 goal
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This campaign closed on Feb 09, 2020 and the money is being sent to people in need. Still want to donate? You can give directly to A Drop of Life.
  1. Man kit Choi - $200
  2. Chan Yuk - $100
  3. Ka Wai Mui
  4. Sze Ho Fung
  5. Kevin Tang
  6. Paris Chung
  7. Yui Fung Ho
  8. Siu Lai lai
  9. Nigel Cheng - $100
  10. SHEUNG CHAK CHOW - $400
  11. Cyrus Tsang
  12. NGAN TING CHIK - $510
  13. Ka Fai Chan - $100
  14. Charis Pang - $100
  15. Shirley Lam
  16. Cathy Li
  17. Anonymous
  18. Anonymous
  19. To Tsz Sin
  20. Anonymous


Team Description

Shi Ming Pang
Kwun On Lam
Po Cheong Lau
Ka Wai Pang